Customer Satisfaction – at R+C is Set in Stone

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience we have become the biggest logistics company for the stone-working industry in Northern Europe.  This allows us to cater quickly and flexibly to our customers’ needs and to offer customized transport solutions – for the global import and export of block products.

Our Business Activities:

  • Conventional shipment from Scandinavia, India, China, South Africa and Brazil

  • Discharge and storage in Antwerp, Bremen and Szczecin

  • Global import and export of container transports (blocks and finished goods)

  • Fiscal clearing in Antwerp

  • Truck, railway and inland water transport

Conventional Shipment of Block Products from Scandinavia

We regularly offer our customers conventional shipments of ingots from Sweden, Finland or Norway. The distribution and further processing for recipients in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and France takes place in Bremen. Also the export of containers for customers in Japan and China is effected in Bremen.

Conventional Shipment of Block Products from India, South Africa and Brazil

We regularly charter ships for the shipment of block products from the countries mentioned above to Antwerp. In Antwerp the distribution and sorting of the blocks is effected at the R+C storage area dock 232, which we provide for our importers.

We take also care of forwarding to the stone-working industry via trucks or wagons as well as of reloading and shipment on coastal vessels from Antwerp to our customers in Szczecin, Poland.

Shipment of Semi-Finished and Finished Goods in Containers

Call and expediting via our network in the respective countries of origin, e.g. India, China, Brazil and Turkey. Complete transport solutions ex works or ex port of shipment to the arrival of the containers at the addressee, incl. the necessary customs processing in compliance with the respective import regulations (e.g. plant protection, wood packaging regulations).

Fiscal Clearing at the Port of Antwerp / Rotterdam

Here a special customs procedure is applied, i.e. after the customer has signed a so-called certificate of customs authority, the Belgian customs administration informs the fiscal authorities in charge of the due import turnover tax. Consequently, no import clearing with simultaneous payment of import duty is necessary.

Truck Loading of Block Products

Especially transports from the seaports Antwerp and Bremen using an adequate truck fleet in compliance with statutory load securing (e.g. anti-slip mats, lashing straps, etc.). But also transports of materials from the neighboring countries, e.g. from Portugal, Austria, or Italy to Germany.

Rail Transport of Block Products

Here especially the consignment from north German ports is effected for diverse addressees in Germany and abroad. We carry out wagonload consignments as well as block train consignments, e.g. for Scandinavian materials for our customers in Italy.

Transport by Inland Waterways

Shipment especially from the western ports (Antwerp / Rotterdam) of large batches of block products as well as of paving and kerb stones to inland storage facilities of our customers.

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