Glossary of logistcs terms

Since all the terms are used in international business, the glossary is available in English language only.

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Hold Space
Storage space within the bottom (i.e. belly) of an aircraft that can be used to carry cargo.  
Home Port
Port of registration of a vessel.  
Honor (a Draft)
To pay or accept a draft on presentation.  
House Address
Place of receipt or delivery (name and address) in case of carrier haulage.  
House Air Waybill
Air Waybill issued by a freight forwarder. Master Air Waybill
House-to House Transport
Transport of cargo from the premises of the shipper to the premises of the consignee. Note: In the United States the term "Point-to-Point Transport" is used instead of the term "Door-to-Door Transport", because the term "house" may mean "customs house" or "brokers house", which are usually located in the port. Door-to-Door TransportPoint-to-Point TransportAir Waybill
Harmonized System
Central transshipment point in a transport structure, serving a number of consignees and/or shippers by means of spokes.  
Huckepack Carriage
Outer shell of a vessel, made of steel plates or other suitable material to keep water outside the vessel. Seaworthiness
Taking care of a vessel's non-cargo-related operations as instructed by the master or owner of such vessel.  
Increased Value.  
International Association of Classification Societies
International Air Transport Association
IATA Cargo Agent
Agent approved by IATA and registered in the IATA Cargo Agency List. This enables the agent, upon authorization of the IATA carrier, to receive shipments, to execute Air Waybills and to collect charges (air cargo).  
IATA Member
Airline which is a member of IATA (air cargo).  
International Civil Aviation Organization
Institute Cargo Clauses. There are three basic sets of these clauses (A, B and C). The "A" clauses cover all risks, subject to specified exclusions. The "B" and "C" clauses cover specified risks, subject to specified exclusions.  
Inland Clearance Depot
International Cargo Handling Coordinating Association.  
International Chamber of Shipping
Unique data, e.g. name, number or code, determining a certain object or person.  
Idle Time
Amount of ineffective time whereby the available resources are not used, e.g. a container in a yard.  
Setting on fire or catching fire.  
International Labor Organization

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