Glossary of logistcs terms

Since all the terms are used in international business, the glossary is available in English language only.

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Optional Port
Port of which it is not known whether or not it will be called by a vessel during a voyage.  
Optional Stowage Bill of Lading
Bill of Lading which gives the carrier the right to stow cargo wherever they see fit, especially with respect to the stowage of containers on deck.  
Request to deliver specified quantities of goods or to render specific services.  
Order Bill of Lading
Negotiable Bill of Lading made out to the order of a named party.  
Order Line
Each line on a customer's purchase order. An order line always contains one Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) only, but the number may vary.  
Original Equipment Manufacturers
Abbreviation: OEM. Customers who incorporate the exporter's product into their own merchandise for resale under their own brand names.  
Out of Gauge Cargo
Cargo of which dimensions exceed the normal dimensions of a 20- or 40-feet container, e.g. overlength, overwidth, overheight, or combinations thereof.  
Shipping line, which operates on a route served by a liner conference but which is not a member of that conference.  
Outturn Report
Written statement by a stevedoring company in which the condition of cargo discharged from a vessel is noted along with any discrepancies in the quantity compared with the vessel's manifest.  
Outward Handling
Operations to be performed on outgoing goods from a production unit, both administrative and physical, starting at the moment forwarding orders can be executed to the moment of actual departure of the goods.  
Over Pivot Rate
Rate per kilogram to be charged for the over pivot weight (air cargo). Pivot Weight
Over Pivot Weight
Weight in excess of the pivot weight (air cargo). Pivot Weight
Overage Additional Premium
All additional premiums charged on an open cover declaration where the carrying vessel is outside the scope of the classification clause. It may be applied, also, to additional premium charged for breach of navigational warranties (e.g. institute warranties) where the ship is more than 15 years old.  
Carrier within a consortium which carries cargo beyond the allotment distributed to them. Undercarrier
Overheight Cargo
Cargo exceeding the standard height.  
Overlength Cargo
Cargo exceeding the standard length.  
Unit used by a single shipper to contain one or more package(s) and to form one handling unit for convenience of handling and stowage. Dangerous goods packages contained in the overpack must be properly packed, marked, labeled and in proper condition as required by the regulations regarding dangerous goods (air cargo).  
Work beyond normal established working hours.  
Overwidth Cargo
Cargo exceeding the standard width.  
Legal owner of cargo, equipment or means of transport.  
Owner's Container Code
Container Prefix

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