Glossary of logistcs terms

Since all the terms are used in international business, the glossary is available in English language only.

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Perils of the Sea
Fortuitous accidents or casualties, peculiar to transportation on a navigable water, such as stranding, sinking, collision of the vessel, striking a submerged object or encountering heavy weather or other unusual forces of nature.  
Fresh produce that can spoil in a short amount of time (such as fruits, fish, meat, flowers).  
Physical Distribution
Those activities related to the flow of goods from the end of conversion to the customer.  
Physical Distribution Management
Planning execution and control of those activities which are related to the flow of goods from the end of conversion to the customer.  
Pilot in Command
Pick and Pack
Taking goods out of a stock and packing them according to customer conditions.  
Pick Order
Order to pick certain quantities of goods out of a stock.  
Pick up Service
Carriage of outbound consignments from the shipper's place to the place of departure.  
Pick-up and Delivery
Service concerning the collection of cargo from the premises of the shipper and the delivery to the premises of the consignee.  
Taking products or components out of a stock.  
Picking List
List used to collect items from stores to fulfil an order. Synonym: Material Issue List, Kitting List  
Carriage of road vehicles and trailers on railway wagons. Huckepack Carriage
Theft of part of the contents of a shipping package.  
Pilot in Command
Abbreviation: PIC. Pilot responsible for the operation and safety of the aircraft during flight time (air cargo).  
1. A method for conveying liquids and gasses. 2. The physical goods flow from a supplying organization to a receiving organization.  
Pipeline Inventory
Amount of goods in a pipeline: the sum of loading stock, goods in transit and receiving stock. Floating Stock
Pivot Weight
Minimum chargeable weight of a Unit Load Device (air cargo). Over Pivot RateOver Pivot Weight
Place of Acceptance
Place of Receipt
Place of Delivery
Location where a consignment (shipment) is delivered to the consignee viz. the place where the carrier's liability ends for the transport venture.  
Place of Receipt
Location where a consignment (shipment) is received by the carrier from the shipper viz. the place where the carrier's liability for transport venture commences. Place of Acceptance
Activity of positioning an object or goods in a chosen location or position. Displacement
Setting of goals over a certain time and determining the methods for achieving these goals as well as the resources used.  
Area on an airport where aircraft are parked for embarkation and/or loading and discharging purposes. ApronRamp
Platform Body
Truck or trailer with a floor but no ends, sides or top.  

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