Glossary of logistcs terms

Since all the terms are used in international business, the glossary is available in English language only.

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Data Plate
Metal identification plate affixed to a container which displays, among other things, the gross and tare weights and external dimensions.  
Date Draft (Bill of Exchange)
Draft that matures in a specified number of days after the date it is issued, without regard to the date of acceptance. DraftSight Draft (Bill of Exchange)Time Draft (Bill of Exchange)
Incoterm for "Delivered Duty Paid (... named place of destination)". Incoterms
Incoterm for "Delivered Duty Unpaid (... named place of destination)".  
Difference between the actual and calculated ship's draft. Draft
Abbreviation: DWT. Total weight of cargo, cargo equipment, bunkers, provisions, water, stores and spare parts which a vessel can lift when loaded to her maximum draft as applicable under the circumstances. The deadweight is expressed in tons.  
Any extended horizontal structure in a vessel or an aircraft, serving as a floor and structural support, covering, partially or fully, a portion of the vessel or aircraft.  
Deck Cargo
Cargo carried outside on deck of a vessel.  
Declaration of Origin
Appropriate statement as to the origin of the goods, made in connection with their exportation by the manufacturer, producer, supplier, exporter or other competent person on the commercial invoice or any document relating to goods. Commercial Invoice
Declared Value for Carriage
Value of the goods declared to the carrier by the shipper for the purpose of determining charges or of establishing the limit of the carrier's liability for loss, damage or delay. It is also the basis for possible applicable valuation charges (air cargo).  
Specific dollar amount, or percentage of the insured value, which will be deducted from all losses recoverable under a policy.  
Deep Tank
Tank fitted and equipped for the carriage of vegetable oil (e.g. palm oil and coconut oil) and other liquids in bulk.  
Default Charge
Charge applicable for a trade, stretch or location. In the absence of specifics (not otherwise specified/enumerated) a general amount has been set.  
Deferred Payment Credit
Type of Letter of Credit providing for payment some time after presentation of shipping documents by seller.  
Splitting up shipments into small consignments. Regroupage
Even under All Risk cover, damage due to delay is not recoverable. Most underwriters have inserted a "Delay Clause" in the Open Cargo Policy, which states specifically that damage caused by delay is not recoverable even if the delay was due to a peril insured against. All Risk
Delivered at Frontier (... Named Place)
Abbreviation: DAF. Incoterm Incoterms
Delivered Duty Paid (... Named Place of Destination)
Abbreviation: DDP. Incoterm Incoterms
Delivered Duty Unpaid (... Named Place of Destination)
Abbreviation: DDU. Incoterm Incoterms
Delivered Ex Quay (... Named Port of Destination)
Abbreviation: DEQ. Incoterm Incoterms
Delivered Ex Ship (... Named Port of Destination)
Abbreviation: DES. Incoterm Incoterms
Delivering Carrier
Carrier that delivers the consignment to the consignee or its agent.  
Process of delivering the consignment to the consignee at the agreed place.  
Delivery Instruction
Document giving instructions regarding the details of the delivery of the shipment.  
Delivery Order
1. A document issued by or on behalf of the carrier authorizing the release of import cargo identified thereon and manifested under a single Bill of Lading (shipping). 2. The authorization of the entitled party for the shipment to a party other than the consignee shown on the Air Waybill.  

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