Glossary of logistcs terms

Since all the terms are used in international business, the glossary is available in English language only.

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Combined Transport Operator
Medium of exchange of value, defined by reference to the geographic location of the authorities responsible for it (ISO 4217). In general, the monetary unit is represented by a name or a symbol.  
Currency Adjustment Factor
Abbreviation: CAF. Adjustment applied by shipping lines or liner conferences on freight rates to offset losses or gains for carriers resulting from fluctuations in exchange rates of tariff currencies.  
Customer Pick Up
Cargo picked up by a customer at a warehouse.  
Customer Service Level
Performance measure of customer service. Note: Generally this is seen as the degree with which customer orders can be executed, in accordance with the terms which are generally accepted in the market.  
Customhouse Broker
Individual or firm licensed to enter and clear goods through customs.  
Authorities designated to collect duties levied by a country on imports and exports. The term also applies to the procedures involved in such collection.  
Customs Broker
Authorized agent specialized in customs clearance procedures on account of importers/exporters. Customs Clearance Agent
Customs Clearance Agent
Customs broker or other agent of the consignee designated to perform customs clearance services for the consignee. Customs Broker
Customs Entry Form
Form required by customs authorities for merchandise entering the country. It indicates the country of origin, description of merchandise and the amount of estimated duty to be paid before merchandise is released.  
Customs Invoice
Document required by customs in an importing country in which the seller states the price (e.g. selling price, price of identical goods), and specifies costs for freight, insurance and packing, etc., terms of delivery and payment. This is for the purpose of determining the customs value in the importing country of goods consigned to that country.  
Customs Value
Worth of an item or group of items expressed in a monetary amount, within a consignment declared to customs for duty and statistical reasons. Customs Invoice
Cut-Off Time
Last point before a flight departs at which freight will be accepted to travel on that flight.  
Cleared without Examination
Cash with Order
Container Yard
Cycle Stock
That portion of stock available or planned to be available in a given period for normal demand, excluding excess stock and safety stock  
Documents against Acceptance
Documents against Payment
Incoterm for "Delivered at Frontier (... named place)". Incoterms
Damage Report
Form on which physical damage of a consignment or transportation unit (e.g. container) is recorded.  
Damaged Cargo Report
Written statement concerning established damages to cargo and/or equipment.  
Dangerous Goods
Goods are to be considered dangerous if the transport of such goods might cause harm, risk, peril, or other evil to people, environment, equipment or any property whatsoever. Articles Dangereux de RouteDangerous Goods Packing CertificateInternational Maritime Dangerous Goods CodeInternational Maritime OrganizationMedical First Aid GuideUnited Nations Dangerous Goods Number
Dangerous Goods Declaration
Document issued by a shipper in accordance with applicable conventions or regulations, describing hazardous goods or materials for transport purposes, and stating that the latter have been packed and labeled in accordance with the provisions of the relevant conventions or regulations.  
Dangerous Goods Packing Certificate
Document as part of the dangerous goods declaration in which the responsible party declares that the cargo has been stowed in accordance with the rules in a clean container in compliance with the IMDG regulations and has been properly secured.  

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