Glossary of logistcs terms

Since all the terms are used in international business, the glossary is available in English language only.

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Combi Aircraft
Aircraft, carrying passengers and cargo upper deck.  
Combination Chassis
Chassis which can carry either one 40-foot or two 20-foot containers.  
Combination Joint Rate
Joint rate which is obtained by combining two or more published rates (air cargo).  
Combined Transport
Intermodal transport where the major part of the journey is by one mode and any initial and/or final leg carried out by another mode. Combined Transport DocumentMultimodal Transport
Combined Transport Document
Abbreviation: CTD. Negotiable or non-negotiable document evidencing a contract for the performance of combined transport of goods. Multimodal Transport Document
Combined Transport Operator
Abbreviation: CTO. Party that undertakes to carry goods with different modes of transport. Multimodal Transport Operator/Carrier
Commercial Invoice
Document issued by the seller to the buyer, which gives detail of merchandise sold, number of units being shipped, per unit cost and the terms of sale. Declaration of Origin
Commercial Set
Set of four "negotiable" documents that represents and takes the place of the goods themselves in the financing of the cargo sales transaction.  
Indication of the type of goods. Commodities are coded according to the harmonized system. Harmonized System
Commodity Box Rate
Rate classified by commodity and quoted per container. Harmonized System
Commodity Code
Code used in the Harmonized System for the classification of goods which are most commonly produced and traded.  
Commodity Item Number
Specific description number required in air transport to indicate that a specific freight rate applies.  
Common Carrier
Transporter that provides its services to the general public for the transportation of goods over a definite route and according to a regular schedule.  
Compromised Total Loss
Arranged settlement on a hull policy where there is no claim for actual or constructive total loss, but where it is impractical to repair the vessel.  
Conair Container
Thermal container served by an external cooling system (e.g. a vessel's cooling system or a Clip on Unit), which regulates the temperature of the cargo. Note: Conair is a brand name. Clip on Unit
Conditions of Carriage
General terms and conditions established by a carrier in respect of the carriage.  
Conditions of Contract
Terms and conditions of a transportation contract.  
Devices for facilitating the loading, positioning and lashing of containers. The cones insert into the bottom castings of the container. Locating Pin
Liner Conference
Confirmed Letter of Credit
Letter of Credit, issued by a foreign bank, with validity confirmed by a bank of origin. A seller that requires a confirmed Letter of Credit from the buyer is assured of payment by the origin bank even if the foreign buyer or the foreign bank defaults.  
Connecting Carrier
Carrier to whose services the cargo is to be transferred for onward connecting transport.  
Connecting Road Haulage
Party, mentioned in the transport document, by whom the goods, cargo or containers are to be received.  
Separate identifiable number of goods to be transported from one shipper to one consignee. Shipment
Consignment Instructions
Shipping Instructions

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