Glossary of logistcs terms

Since all the terms are used in international business, the glossary is available in English language only.

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Tramp Vessel
Vessel not operating under a regular schedule.  
Trans Siberian Landbridge
Overland route from Europe to the Far East via the Trans Siberian Railway (TSR).  
Transaction Statement
Document that delineates the terms and conditions agreed upon between the importer and exporter.  
Transfer Cargo
Cargo arriving at a point by one flight and continuing with another flight.  
Transferable Letter of Credit
Letter of Credit that allows all or a portion of the proceeds to be transferred from the original beneficiary to one or more additional beneficiaries.  
Transferring Carrier
Participating carrier who delivers the consignment to another carrier at a transfer point.  
Transit Cargo
1. Cargo between outwards customs clearance and inwards customs clearance. 2. Cargo arriving and departing at a point via the same through flight.  
Transmittal Letter
List of the particulars of the shipment and a record of the documents being transmitted together with instructions for disposition of documents.  
Device (chip) used for identification, which automatically transmits certain coded data when actuated by a special signal from an interrogator.  
Transport Documents
Shipping Documents
Transport International by Road
Abbreviation: TIR. Set of rules following a customs convention to facilitate the international, European transport of goods by road with minimal interference under cover of TIR-carnets.  
The transfer from one vessel or conveyance to another for further transit.  
Class of automotive vehicles of various sizes and designs for transporting goods.  
Trust Receipt
Release of merchandise by a bank to a buyer in which the bank retains title of the merchandise. The buyer, who obtains the goods for manufacturing or sales purposes, is obligated to maintain the goods (or the proceeds from their sale) distinct from the remainder of his or her assets and to hold them ready for repossession by the bank.  
Trans Siberian Landbridge
Turnkey Project
Capital construction projects in which the supplier (contractor) designs and builds the physical plant, trains the local personnel on how to manage and operate the facility and presents the buyer with a self-sustaining project (all the buyer has to do is "turn the key").  
Cargo-carrying surface below the main deck dividing a hold horizontally in an upper and a lower compartment. 20-foot Equivalent Unit Abbreviation: TEU. Unit of measurement equivalent to one 20-foot shipping container.  
Device which has to be inserted into the corner fittings of a shipping container and is turned or twisted, thus locking the container for the purpose of securing or lifting.  
Two-Way Pallet
Pallet into which the frame permits the entry of forks (e.g. a fork lift at two opposite sides).  
Type of Cargo
Indication of the sort of cargo to be transported (e.g. Break Bulk, Containerized, RoRo).  
Type of Equipment
Type of material used, e.g. 40-foot container, four-way pallet or mafi trailer.  
Type of Movement
Description of the service for movement of containers.  
Type of Packing
Description of the packaging material used to wrap, contain and protect goods to be transported. Synonym: Kind of Packing, Package Type  
Type of Transport
Indication whether the carrier or the merchant effects and bears the responsibility for inland transport of cargo in containers, i.e. a differentiation between the logistical and legal responsibility.  

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