Glossary of logistcs terms

Since all the terms are used in international business, the glossary is available in English language only.

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Bottom Limit
Maximum value at risk per shipment/sending/aircraft.  
Box Pallet
Pallet with at least three fixed, removable or collapsible, vertical sides.  
Break Bulk
1. Physical discharge of unitized cargo. 2. Administration procedure of document splitting at destination.  
Break Bulk Cargo
General cargo conventionally stowed as opposed to unitized, containerized and Roll-on/Roll-off cargo. Conventional Cargo
Break-Even Weight
Weight at which it is cheaper to charge the lower rate for the next higher weight-break multiplied by the minimum weight indicated, than to charge the higher rate for the actual weight of the shipment (air cargo).  
Broken Stowage
Cargo space that is unavoidably lost when stowing cargo. The percentage of wasted space depends upon the kind of cargo, the packing and the used spaces.  
Person who acts as an agent or intermediary in negotiating contracts.  
Brussels Tariff Nomenclature
Abbreviation: BTN. Old Customs Cooperation Council Nomenclature for the classification of goods. Now replaced by the Harmonized System. Harmonized System
British Standards Institution.  
Brussels Tariff Nomenclature
Buffer Stock
Quantity of goods or articles kept in store to safeguard against unforeseen shortages or demands.  
Bulk Cargo
Unpacked cargo loaded directly into the vessel's holds. Examples of commodities that can be shipped in bulk are ores, coal, scrap iron, grain, rice, vegetable oil, tallow, fuel oil, fertilizers and similar commodities.  
Bulk Cargo Code
Abbreviation: BC Code. Safe working practice code for solid bulk cargo.  
Bulk Carrier
Single-deck vessel designed to carry homogeneous unpacked dry cargo such as grain, iron ore and coal.  
Bulk Container
Container designed for the carriage of free-flowing dry cargo, which are loaded through hatchways in the roof of the container and discharged through hatchways at one end of the container.  
Bulk Shipments
Bulk Cargo
Bulk Unitization Charge
Charge which applies to consignments carried from airport of departure to airport of arrival, entirely in Unit Load Devices (air cargo).  
1. Upright partition dividing compartments on board a vessel. 2. A vertically mounted board to provide front wall protection against shifting cargo and commonly seen on platform trailers (road cargo). 3. Partition in a container, providing a plenum chamber and/or air passage for either return or supply air. 4. Vertically mounted wall separating the fore respectively aft compartment from the rest of the aircraft (air cargo).  
Bull Rings
Rings for lashing the cargo in containers.  
Spaces on board a vessel to store fuel. Synonym: Tank  
Bunker Adjustment Factor
Abbreviation: BAF. Adjustment applied by shipping lines or liner conferences to offset the effect of fluctuations in the cost of bunkers.  
Bureau veritas
French classification society.  

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