Glossary of logistcs terms

Since all the terms are used in international business, the glossary is available in English language only.

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Net Absolutely; no deductions from gross premium for brokerage or discount.  
No Risk After Discharge or No Risk After Landing (N.R.L.D.) especially in use for merchandise consigned to an area where political or other conditions are unsettled.  
No Risk After Shipment.  
No Risk to Attach till on Rail.  
No Risk to Attach till Water Borne; particularly used where congestion (conflagration hazard) exists.  
Named Perils Policy
Any marine policy limiting cover to perils specifically listed in the policy; opposed to All Risks policy. All Risk
Narrow Body Aircraft
Aircraft with one corridor, such as a DC-9 and a Boeing 737.  
Act of determining position, location and course to the destination of an aircraft or a vessel.  
Imprudent action or omission which may cause injury, damage or loss.  
In terms of documents, "negotiable" means that e.g. a Bill of Lading is handed over/transferred in the right manner (viz. proper endorsement) to another person. It is either endorsed in blank or endorsed to a person, and that person acquires by this transfer certain rights vis-a-vis the goods (i.e. is entitled to take possession of the goods).  
Net Manifest
Manifest containing all freight details including negotiated disbursements.  
Net Register Ton
Volumetric measure of the useful capacity of a vessel determined in accordance with the provisions of the international convention on tonnage measurement of vessels.  
Net Weight
Weight of the goods, excluding all packing.  
No Value Declared
Abbreviation: NVD. Notation on Air Waybill which indicates that no specific value has been declared to the carrier for carriage of the merchandise. Liability of the carrier would therefore be as defined by statute or as incorporated in the Waybill. Released Bill
Non Vessel Operating Carrier
Abbreviation: NVOC. Party that undertakes to carry goods and issues in its own name a Bill of Lading for such carriage, without having own means of transport.  
Abbreviation: N.D. Disappearance of an entire shipping package rather than the contents themselves or a portion of the contents.  
Failure of the insured or their broker to disclose a material circumstance to the underwriter before acceptance of the risk. A breach of good faith.  
Non-IATA Member
Airline company which is not a member of IATA but which may work on terms of IATA as an interline partner.  
Non-Tariff Barriers
Abbreviation: NTB. Economic, political, administrative or legal impediments to trade other than duties, taxes, and import quotas.  
Notice of Readiness
Normal Charge
Specified general cargo rate without any quantity discount (air cargo).  
Normal Course of Transit
Orderly transit of merchandise from the point of origin to the final destination without interruptions or delays resulting from the action or inaction of any party at interest.  
Normal General Cargo Rate
Under 45 kg rate or, if no under 45 kg rate exists, the under 100 kg rate (air cargo). Normal Rate
Normal Rate
Normal General Cargo Rate

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