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Saving or rescue of a vessel and/or the cargo from loss and/or damage at sea.  
Salvage Charges
Payable to salvors for saving life and property at sea.  
Sanitary and Health Certificate
Statement signed by a health organization official certifying the degree of purity, cleanliness or spoilage of goods, and the health of live animals.  
Scale Ton
Freighting measurement used in certain trades for various commodities.  
Timetable including arrival/departure times.  
Special Commodity Rate
Special Drawing Rights
Sea Waybill
Non negotiable document, which can only be made out to a named consignee. No surrender of the document by the consignee is required. Bill of Lading
Device used for containers, lockers, trucks, etc. to ensure that they have remained closed during transport.  
Seal Log
Document used to record seal numbers.  
Seasonal Inventory
Inventory built up in anticipation of a seasonal peak of demand in order to smooth production.  
There is an implied warranty in every voyage policy that the ship must be seaworthy at the commencement of the insured voyage or, if the voyage is carried out in stages, at the commencement of each stage of the voyage. To be seaworthy, the ship must be reasonably fit in all respects to encounter the ordinary perils of the contemplated voyage. It must be properly crewed, fueled and provisioned, with all equipment in proper working order. Cargo policies waive breach of the warranty except where the insured or their employees are privy to the unseaworthiness. Breach of the warranty is not excused in a hull voyage policy, literal compliance therewith being required. Although there is no warranty of seaworthiness in a hull time policy, claims arising from unseaworthiness may be prejudiced if the ship sails in an unseaworthy condition with the knowledge of the insured.  
Sectional Rate
Rate established by scheduled air carrier(s) for a section of a through route (air cargo).  
Shipper's Export Declaration
Distance between the various commodities of dangerous and/or bulk cargoes required by the rules of IMDG or BC codes.  
Vehicle without motive power and with one or more axles designed to be drawn by a truck tractor.  
Service Level
Measure for the extent to which the customer orders can be executed at delivery conditions normally accepted in the market.  
Setting/Air Delivery Temperature
Indication in the documents (B/L) stating the air supply temperature to the container.  
Settlement Office
Institution to which billing is issued and which receives remittances from agents. It also distributes the monies to CASS airlines, Billing Participants and Part-Participants (air cargo). CASS AirlinePart-Participant
Settling Agent
Underwriter's representative who is authorized to settle claims.  
Shelf Life
Specified length of time for which items which are inherently subject to deterioration are deemed to remain fit for use under prescribed conditions. Synonym: Storage Life  
Part of the work-program of a stevedoring company (a working day can have up to 3 shifts [24 hours]).  

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