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Open Cover.  
OBO Vessel
Oil Bulk Ore Vessel
Obsolete Stock
Products or materials that cannot be or are unlikely to be used in future processes and which are to be sold or disposed of through the usual outlets.  
Ocean Bill of Lading
Bill of Lading (B/L) issued by the actual shipping line. Air WaybillConsignment NoteThrough Bill of Lading
Original Equipment Manufacturers
Offshore Logistics
The organization of logistics contract work carried out at sea (e.g. logistics in drilling for oil).  
Oil Bulk Ore Vessel
Abbreviation: OBO Vessel. Vessel, designed for the carriage of either dry or liquid bulk cargo.  
On Board Bill of Lading
Bill of Lading confirming the receipt of merchandise and the fact that it was loaded on board the ocean vessel.  
On Deck Bill of Lading
Bill of Lading which states that the cargo has been stowed on deck.  
On-Line Charge
Charge which applies to carriage over the lines of a single carrier (air cargo). Local ChargeLocal RateOn-Line Rate
On-Line Rate
On-Line Charge
Carriage of goods (containers) by any mode of transport to the place of delivery after discharge from the ocean vessel (main means of transport) at the port (place) of discharge. Transshipment
One-Way Pallet
Disposable Pallet, only used once. Note: The addition "One Way" has nothing to do with the number of pallet sides in which the forks of e.g. a fork lift can enter, as opposed to the two- and four-way pallets. Disposable Pallet
Onshore Logistics
The organization of logistics contract work carried out on land.  
Open Account
Abbreviation: O/A. Trade arrangement in which goods are shipped to a foreign buyer without guarantee of payment. The obvious risk this method poses to the supplier makes it essential that the buyer's integrity be unquestionable. The transaction is payable when specified (i.e., R/M return mail; E.O.M. end of month; 30 days - 30 days from date of invoice; 2/10/60 - 2% discount for payment in 10 days, net if paid 60 days from date of invoice). If no term is specified O/A usually implies payment by return mail.  
Open Insurance Policy
Marine insurance policy that applies to all shipments made by an exporter over a period of time rather than to one shipment only.  
Open Order
Open Position
Exposure to a foreign-exchange risk not covered by an offsetting transaction.  
Open-Sided Container
Shipping container with frames of wire mesh at the sides covered by means of a tarpaulin which can be dropped down to give unrestricted access to the sides of the container for loading or discharging.  
Open-Top Container
Shipping container similar in all respects to a general purpose container except that it has no rigid roof but may have a flexible and movable or removable cover, for example one made of canvas or plastic or reinforced plastic material normally supported on movable or removable roof bows.  
Operating Efficiency
Ratio of the actual output of a piece of equipment, department, or plant as compared to the planned or standard output.  
Party responsible for the day-to-day operational management of certain premises such as warehouses, terminals and vessels.  
Optimal Trim
Best calculated trim related to speed engine capacity, fuel consumption for a specific sailing condition.  
Achieving the best possible solution to a problem in terms of a specified objective function.  
Optional Cargo
Cargo of which the final destination is not defined at the moment of departure of the vessel, but will be indicated during the voyage.  

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