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Under-floor area of an aircraft. Hold Space
Measurement and comparison against a standard, of efforts and results in the business process (e.g. input, output, reliability, quality and customer satisfaction).  
Entity or person on whom a Letter of Credit has been opened or a draft has been drawn. Assignment of ProceedsTransferable Letter of Credit
Benefit of Insurance Clause
Clause by which the bailee of goods claims the benefit of any insurance policy effected by the cargo owner on the goods in care of the bailee. Such a clause in a contract of carriage issued in accordance with the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act is void at law.  
Location in a port where a vessel can be moored, often indicated by a code or name. PierQuayWharf
Bilateral Trade
Commerce between two countries, usually in accordance with specific agreements.  
Bilateral Transport Agreement
Agreement between two nations concerning transport relations.  
Bill of Exchange
Bill of Lading
Abbreviation: B/L. Document that establishes the terms of a contract between a shipper and a transportation company under which freight is to be moved between specified points for a specified charge. Usually prepared by the shipper on forms issued by the carrier, it serves as a document of title, a contract of carriage, and a receipt for goods. Air WaybillOcean Bill of LadingThrough Bill of Lading
Bill of Lading Clause
Particular article, stipulation or single provision in a Bill of Lading.  
Bill of Material
List of all parts, sub-assemblies and raw materials that constitute a particular assembly, showing the quantity of each required item.  
Bimodal Trailer
1. Road semi-trailer with retractable running gear to allow mounting on a pair of rail boogies. Synonym: Road-Rail Trailer 2. Trailer which is able to carry different types of standardized unit loads (e.g. a chassis which is appropriate for the carriage of one FEU or two TEUs).  
Block Train
Complete train moving straight from origin station to destination station without marshalling or decoupling of wagons. Double Stack Train
Member of the vessel's crew.  
Post, fixed on a quay to lash mooring ropes.  
Container Bolster
Bona Fide
In good faith; without dishonesty, fraud or deceit.  
Bonded Shipments
Shipments which are permitted to travel to inland destinations before customs clearance.  
Bonded Transit Warehouse
Warehouse under customs control holding cargo in transit to further destination.  
Bonded Warehouse
Warehouse authorized by customs authorities for storage of uncleared goods. In Bond
Space reservation, conclusion of contract of carriage. Synonym for Air Cargo: Reservation Allotment
Booking Reference Number
Number assigned to a certain booking by the carrier or its agent.  
Bottom Fittings
Special conical-shaped devices to avoid the container moving during the voyage.  
Bottom Lift
Handling of containers with equipment attached to the four bottom corner fittings (castings).  

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