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Bimodal Trailer
1. Road semi-trailer with retractable running gear to allow mounting on a pair of rail boogies. Synonym: Road-Rail Trailer 2. Trailer which is able to carry different types of standardized unit loads (e.g. a chassis which is appropriate for the carriage of one FEU or two TEUs).  
Block Train
Complete train moving straight from origin station to destination station without marshalling or decoupling of wagons. Double Stack Train
Member of the vessel's crew.  
Post, fixed on a quay to lash mooring ropes.  
Container Bolster
Bona Fide
In good faith; without dishonesty, fraud or deceit.  
Bonded Shipments
Shipments which are permitted to travel to inland destinations before customs clearance.  
Bonded Transit Warehouse
Warehouse under customs control holding cargo in transit to further destination.  
Bonded Warehouse
Warehouse authorized by customs authorities for storage of uncleared goods. In Bond
Space reservation, conclusion of contract of carriage. Synonym for Air Cargo: Reservation Allotment
Booking Reference Number
Number assigned to a certain booking by the carrier or its agent.  
Bottom Fittings
Special conical-shaped devices to avoid the container moving during the voyage.  
Bottom Lift
Handling of containers with equipment attached to the four bottom corner fittings (castings).  
Bottom Limit
Maximum value at risk per shipment/sending/aircraft.  
Box Pallet
Pallet with at least three fixed, removable or collapsible, vertical sides.  
Break Bulk
1. Physical discharge of unitized cargo. 2. Administration procedure of document splitting at destination.  
Break Bulk Cargo
General cargo conventionally stowed as opposed to unitized, containerized and Roll-on/Roll-off cargo. Conventional Cargo
Break-Even Weight
Weight at which it is cheaper to charge the lower rate for the next higher weight-break multiplied by the minimum weight indicated, than to charge the higher rate for the actual weight of the shipment (air cargo).  
Broken Stowage
Cargo space that is unavoidably lost when stowing cargo. The percentage of wasted space depends upon the kind of cargo, the packing and the used spaces.  
Person who acts as an agent or intermediary in negotiating contracts.  
Brussels Tariff Nomenclature
Abbreviation: BTN. Old Customs Cooperation Council Nomenclature for the classification of goods. Now replaced by the Harmonized System. Harmonized System
British Standards Institution.  
Brussels Tariff Nomenclature
Buffer Stock
Quantity of goods or articles kept in store to safeguard against unforeseen shortages or demands.  

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