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Public Warehouse
Warehouse which is available to all companies and individuals who wish to make use of the services offered.  
Published Charge
Charge, the amount of which is specifically set forth in the carrier's rates tariff. Published Rate
Published Rate
Published Charge
Pull Distribution System
System to provide warehouses with new stock on request of the warehouse management.  
Purchase Order
Definite order for one or more deliveries by the supplier to the customer of a specific quantity of goods, materials, services or products under agreed terms of delivery and prices.  
Purchasing Agent
Agent that purchases goods in their own country on behalf of foreign importers such as government agencies and private companies.  
Push Distribution System
System to provide warehouses with new stock upon decision of the supplier of the goods.  
Data element whose value is expressed as a code that gives specific meaning to the function of another data element or a segment.  
Quality (ISO 8402)
Totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. Note: The ISO 9000 standards on quality management and quality assurance consist of 4 standards: 9000 guidelines for selection and use, 9001 model for quality assurance in design/development, 9002 model for quality assurance in production and installation, 9003 model for quality assurance in final inspection and test, and 9004 guidelines for quality management and quality system elements.  
Quality Assurance (ISO 8402)
All those planned and systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a product or service satisfies given requirements for quality.  
Quality Control (ISO 8402)
Operational techniques and activities that are used to fulfil requirements for quality.  
Quantity Charge
Unit rate which is lower than the normal rate and applies to shipments meeting specific weight requirements (air cargo).  
Quantity Discount
Proportional reduction of a rate based on quantity (air cargo). Normal Charge
Period during which an arriving vessel, including its equipment, cargo, crew or passengers, suspected to carry or carrying a contagious disease is detained in strict isolation to prevent the spread of such a disease.  
That part of a wharf which is intended for the mooring of vessels. PierWharf
Queue Time
Waiting Time
System of controlling imports, exports or production by specifying a certain limitation.  
Free offer to sell goods at a stated price and under specified conditions.  
Quotation Expiration Date
Date from which a quotation price is no longer valid.  
Return Premium.  
Rail Consignment Note
Document evidencing a contract for the transport of goods by rail.  
Artificially inclined path, road or track along which wheeled vehicles, cargo and trailers may pass for the purpose of changing their elevation and facilitating the loading and unloading operation (e.g. an entrance way into a Roll-on/Roll-off vessel). Platform
Ramp Handling
Platform Handling
Charge per unit of freight for a specific service.  
Rate of Calculation
Factor for the calculation of an amount.  

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