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Negative difference between actual available or delivered quantity and the required quantity.  
Shrink Wrapping
Heat treatment that shrinks an envelope of polyethylene or similar substance around several units, thus forming one unit. It is used, for example, to secure packages on a pallet.  
Shuttle Service
Carriage back and forth over an often short route between two points.  
Standard Industrial Classification
Sight Draft (Bill of Exchange)
Abbreviation: S/D. Draft payable on presentation to the drawee.  
Imitation of the reality in order to study the effect of changing parameters in a model as a means of preparing a decision.  
Single Administrative Document
Abbreviation: SAD. Set of documents, replacing the various (national) forms for customs declaration within European Community, implemented on January 1st, 1988. The introduction of the SAD constitutes an intermediate stage in the abolition of all administrative documentation in intra European Community trade in goods between member states.  
Single Transit Policy
"One Off" insurance for those clients who require transit cover on an infrequent basis.  
Standard International Trade Classification
National organization for the Simplification of International Trade Procedures in the United Kingdom (e.g. in The Netherlands SITPRO is called "Sitproneth", in France "Simprofrance" and in Japan "Jastpro").  
Skeleton Trailer
Road trailer consisting of a frame and wheels, specially designed to carry containers.  
Battens fitted underneath frames, boxes or packages to raise them off the floor and allow easy access for fork lift trucks, slings or other handling equipment.  
Slave Pallet
Airfreight pallet with rollers.  
Abbreviation for Shipper's Letter of Instruction. Shipping Instructions
Special chain, wire rope, synthetic fiber strap or ropes used for cargo handling purposes.  
Space on board a vessel, required by one TEU, mainly used for administrative purposes. Slot Charter
Slot Charter
Voyage charter whereby the shipowner agrees to place a certain number of container slots (TEU and/or FEU) at the charterer's disposal.  
Space Charter
Voyage charter whereby the shipowner agrees to place part of the vessels capacity at the charterer's disposal.  
Special Commodity Rate
Abbreviation: SCR. Rate applicable to carriage of specifically designated commodities (air cargo).  
Special Drawing Rights
Abbreviation: SDR. Unit of account from the International Monetary Fund, used to express the amount of the limitations of a carrier's liability.  
Special Policy of Insurance
Document issued on behalf of the Underwriter stating the terms and conditions of the marine insurance. Issued when evidence of insurance is required, as by the bank issuing the Letter of Credit.  
Special Rate
Rate other than a normal tariff/rate.  
Specified Rate
Rate specified in an IATA Cargo Tariff Coordination Conference resolution (air cargo).  
Stretch between a hub and one of the group of consignees and/or shippers being served by the hub.  
Spontaneous Ignition Temperature
Lowest temperature at which a substance will start burning spontaneously without an external source of ignition. FlammableFlash Point

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