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Storage Charge
Fee for keeping goods in a warehouse.  
Provisions and supplies on board required for running a vessel.  
Placing and securing of cargo or containers on board a vessel or an aircraft or of cargo in a container.  
Stowage Factor
Ratio of a cargo's cubic measurement to its weight, expressed in cubic feet to the ton or cubic meters to the tonne, used in order to determine the total quantity of cargo which can be loaded in a certain space.  
Stowage Instructions
Details about the way certain cargo is to be stowed.  
Stowage Plan
Plan indicating the locations on the vessel of all the consignments. Bay Plan
Unwanted person who hides on board of a vessel or an aircraft to get free passage, to evade port officials, etc.  
Straddle Carrier
Wheeled vehicle designed to lift and carry shipping containers within its own framework. It is used for moving, and stacking shipping containers at a container terminal.  
Straddle Crane
Crane usually running on rails and spanning an open area such as rail-tracks or roadways.  
Straight Bill of Lading
Non-negotiable Bill of Lading in which the goods are consigned directly to a named consignee.  
Band of metal, plastic or other flexible material used to hold cargo or cases together.  
Leg between two points.  
Strikes Cover
Limited to damage caused to insured property by strikers, locked-out workers and persons involved in a labor dispute. Does not include loss or expense incurred as a result of strikes.  
Unloading of cargo out of a container. Synonym: Devanning, Unstuffing, Unpacking  
Loading of cargo into a container. Synonym: Vanning, Packing  
Right of the underwriter to step into the shoes of the insured, following payment of a claim, to recover the payment from a third party responsible for the loss. Subrogation is limited to the amount paid on the policy.  
Part of a stretch. This term is used if it is necessary to distinguish between a stretch and a part thereof.  
Sue and Labor Charges
Charges incurred by an insured in averting or diminishing a loss. They are recoverable in addition to the full sum insured.  
Supply Chain
Sequence of events in a goods flow which adds to the value of a specific good. These events may include: a) conversion; b) assembling and/or disassembling; c) movements and placements.  
Supply Vessel
Vessel which carries stock and stores to offshore drilling rigs/platforms.  
Additional charge added to the usual or customary freight.  
Inspection of a certain item or object by a recognized specialist.  
Marine specialist who examines damaged property and determines the cause, nature, and extent of damage and methods of repair and/or replacement. This person is not an adjuster, and all their actions are without prejudice to policy terms and conditions.  
Safe Working Load
Swop Body
Separate unit without wheels to carry cargo via road. Sometimes equipped with legs to perform an intermodal transport within Europe. It can be left behind to load or discharge whilst the driver and truck/chassis change to another unit. These units are not used for sea transport.  

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