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Cargo-carrying surface below the main deck dividing a hold horizontally in an upper and a lower compartment. 20-foot Equivalent Unit Abbreviation: TEU. Unit of measurement equivalent to one 20-foot shipping container.  
Device which has to be inserted into the corner fittings of a shipping container and is turned or twisted, thus locking the container for the purpose of securing or lifting.  
Two-Way Pallet
Pallet into which the frame permits the entry of forks (e.g. a fork lift at two opposite sides).  
Type of Cargo
Indication of the sort of cargo to be transported (e.g. Break Bulk, Containerized, RoRo).  
Type of Equipment
Type of material used, e.g. 40-foot container, four-way pallet or mafi trailer.  
Type of Movement
Description of the service for movement of containers.  
Type of Packing
Description of the packaging material used to wrap, contain and protect goods to be transported. Synonym: Kind of Packing, Package Type  
Type of Transport
Indication whether the carrier or the merchant effects and bears the responsibility for inland transport of cargo in containers, i.e. a differentiation between the logistical and legal responsibility.  
Type of Vessel
Sort of vessel used in the transport process, e.g. Container, RoRo, or Multi Purpose.  

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