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Item of equipment as defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for transport purposes. It must be of: a) a permanent character and accordingly strong enough to be suitable for repeated use; b) specially designed to facilitate the carriage of goods, by one or more modes of transport without intermediate reloading; c) fitted with devices permitting its ready handling, particularly from one mode of transport to another; d) so designed as to be easy to fill and empty; e) having an internal volume of 1 m3 or more. The term container includes neither vehicles nor conventional packing. Synonym: Freight Container  
Container Bolster
Container floor without sides or end walls which does not have the ISO corner fittings and is generally used for Ro/Ro operations. Note: A bolster cannot be handled either full or empty by a container spreader without special fittings. Bolster
Container Chassis
Vehicle specially built for the purpose of transporting containers.  
Container Check Digit
7th digit of the serial number of a container used to check whether prefix and serial number are correct.  
Container Depot
Storage area for empty containers.  
Container Freight Station
Abbreviation: CFS. Term CFS at loading ports refers to the location designated by carriers for the receiving of cargo to be packed into containers by the carrier. At discharge ports, the term CFS refers to the location designated by carriers in the port area for unpacking and delivery of cargo.  
Container Lease
Contract by which the owner of containers (leasing company, lessor) gives the use of containers to a shipping line or other lessee for a specified period of time.  
Container Load Plan
List of items loaded in a specific container and where appropriate, their sequence of loading. Container Manifest
Container Logistics
Controlling and positioning of containers.  
Container Manifest
Document specifying the contents of particular freight containers or other transport units, prepared by the party responsible for their loading into the container or unit. Synonym: Unit Packing List Container Load Plan
Container Number
Identification number of a container consisting of prefix and serial number and check digit (e.g. KNLU 123456-7). Container Serial NumberContainer Prefix
Container Platform
Container floor without sides or end walls which can be loaded by spreader directly and is generally used for off-size cargo.  
Container Pool
Certain stock of containers which is jointly used by several container carriers and/or leasing companies.  
Container Prefix
Four-letter code that forms the first part of a container identification number indicating the owner of a container. Owner's Container Code
Container Safety Convention
Abbreviation: CSC. International convention for safe containers.  
Container Serial Number
Seven digit serial number (6 plus 1 Check Digit) that forms the second part of a container identification number.  
Container Service Charges
Charges to be paid by cargo interests as per local port tariffs.  
Container Size / Type
Description of the size and type of a freight container or similar unit load device as specified in ISO 6346.  
Container Size Code
Two digit indication of the nominal length and nominal height of a container.  
Container Stack
Two or more containers, one placed above the other forming a vertical column. Stack
Container Sublease
Contract by which a carrier gives the use of containers to another carrier for a specified period of time and for a fixed payment.  
Container Terminal
Place where loaded and/or empty containers are stored awaiting dispatch or pick up.  
Container Type Code
Two digits, the first of which indicates the category and the second of which indicates certain physical characteristics or other attributes of a container.  
Container Yard
Abbreviation: CY. Facility at which containers are received from or delivered to the merchant by or on behalf of the carrier. Synonym: Marshalling Yard  
Indication that goods have been stowed in a container.  

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