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Downgrading of a product due to long storage, damage due to packing or other external influences. Shelf LifeWear and Tear
Official lowering of the value of one country's currency in terms of one or more foreign currencies. (E.g., if the U.S. dollar is devalued in relation to the French franc, one dollar will "buy" fewer francs than before.)  
Deviation from a Route
Divergence from the agreed or customary route.  
Measurements in length, width and height, regarding cargo.  
Direct Covered
Condition which requires the insured voyage to be direct from one place to another. If the voyage is delayed en route or if there is a deviation from the direct route, the insurance cover continues subject to payment of an additional premium, but only if the assured gives prompt notice of the delay or deviation immediately on receipt of advice, unless the policy provides otherwise.  
Direct Delivery
1. The conveyance of goods directly from the vendor to the buyer. Frequently used if a third party acts as intermediary agent between vendor and buyer. 2. Direct discharge from vessel onto railroad car, road vehicle or barge with the purpose of immediate transport from the port area.  
Direct Route
Shortest operated route between two points. Indirect Route
Sums paid out by a ship's agent at a port and recovered from the carrier.  
1. Unloading of a vehicle, a vessel or an aircraft. 2. Landing of cargo.  
A statement in which a company or individual says that they are not responsible for something.  
Duty of the insured and their broker to tell the underwriter every material circumstance before acceptance of the risk.  
Difference between the particulars given and the particulars found.  
Discrepancy Letter of Credit
When documents presented do not conform to the Letter of Credit, it is referred to as a "discrepancy".  
Process of sending goods. DespatchDispatch Advice
Dispatch Advice
Information sent by shipper to the consignee informing that specified goods have been sent or are ready to be sent advising the detailed contents of the consignment. Dispatch Note (for Post Parcels)
Dispatch Note (for Post Parcels)
Document which, according to the agreement concerning postal parcels, is to accompany post parcels.  
Weight of the quantity of water displaced by the vessel. The displacement of the vessel on her light draft represents the weight of the vessel ready for use including stores, etc.  
Disposable Pallet
Pallet intended to be discarded after a single cycle of use. One-Way PalletExpendable Pallet
All activities relating to the inland movement of empty and/or full containers.  
Set of activities which ensure the availability of goods in the desired quality, quantity, place and time for the customer. Physical Distribution
Distribution Center
Warehouse for the receipt, the storage and the dispersal of goods among customers. Synonym: Branch Warehouse  
Distribution Channel
Route by which a company distributes goods.  
Vertically mounted partition in a compartment on board of an aircraft (air cargo). Partition
Dock Receipt
Form issued by a carrier or its representative as evidence that merchandise was in fact received by the carrier for shipment. Often referred to as a Received for Shipment Bill of Lading.  

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