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Delivered Duty Paid (... Named Place of Destination)
Abbreviation: DDP. Incoterm Incoterms
Delivered Duty Unpaid (... Named Place of Destination)
Abbreviation: DDU. Incoterm Incoterms
Delivered Ex Quay (... Named Port of Destination)
Abbreviation: DEQ. Incoterm Incoterms
Delivered Ex Ship (... Named Port of Destination)
Abbreviation: DES. Incoterm Incoterms
Delivering Carrier
Carrier that delivers the consignment to the consignee or its agent.  
Process of delivering the consignment to the consignee at the agreed place.  
Delivery Instruction
Document giving instructions regarding the details of the delivery of the shipment.  
Delivery Order
1. A document issued by or on behalf of the carrier authorizing the release of import cargo identified thereon and manifested under a single Bill of Lading (shipping). 2. The authorization of the entitled party for the shipment to a party other than the consignee shown on the Air Waybill.  
Delivery Party
Party to which goods are to be delivered.  
Delivery Receipt
Document recording the delivery of shipment to a consignee.  
Delivery Time
Time between order and delivery.  
Demand Draft (Bill of Exchange)
Sight Draft (Bill of Exchange)
Demise Charter
Contract whereby the shipowner leases its vessel to the charterer for a period of time during which the whole use and management of the vessel passes to the charterer. This involves the charterer paying all expenses for the operation and maintenance of the vessel. Officers and crew become servants of the charterer. A demise charter whereby the charterer has the right to place its own master and crew on board of the vessel is also called "bareboat charter". Bareboat Charter
1. A variable fee charged to carriers and/or customers for the use of Unit Load Devices (ULD's) owned by a carrier beyond the free time of shipment (air cargo). 2. Additional charge imposed for exceeding the free time which is included in the rate and allowed for the use of a certain equipment at the terminal.  
Density of Commodity
Mass of a commodity to its volume.  
Place designated by the carrier where empty containers are kept in stock and received from or delivered to the container operators or merchants. Container Depot
Incoterm for "Delivered Ex Quay (... named port of destination)". Incoterms
Lifting equipment on board a conventional vessel for loading and discharging cargo, consisting of a post attached to the deck and an inclined spar. Lift-on/Lift-off Vessel
Incoterm for "Delivered Ex Ship (... named port of destination)". Incoterms
1. Place for which goods or a vehicle is bound. 2. The ultimate stopping place according to the contract of carriage.  
Destuffing Report
A document reporting the destuffing of a container indicating time and place as well as responsible peron and any damage.  
Det Norske Veritas
Norwegian classification society. Classification Society
Keeping equipment beyond the time allowed. Demurrage
Detention Charge
Charges levied on usage of equipment exceeding free time period as stipulated in the pertinent inland rules and conditions.  

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