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Flow of Materials
Flow of materials and components which goes to and through the factory for the production process. Procurement Logistics
Federal Maritime Commission (Control of shipping acts USA).  
Incoterm for "Free on Board". Incoterms
FOB Vessel
(Free on board vessel.) Seller owns goods until they are loaded on vessel; selling price includes all costs so far plus cost of loading on vessel. Incoterms
Free on Rail
Force Majeure
Title of a standard clause in marine contracts exempting the parties for non-fulfillment of their obligations as a result of conditions beyond their control, such as earthquakes, floods, or war. Act of God
Fore and Aft Stowage
Stowage from the bow to the stern (lengthwise), as opposed to stowage athwartships. Athwartships
1. An estimation or calculation in advance; a prediction. 2. The amount of cargo expected to be booked for a specific flight or vessel. 3. The number of containers expected to be used in a certain area.  
Abbreviation: Fo'c's'le. Forward part of a vessel where stores, ropes and anchor chains are located.  
Foreign Exchange
Currency or credit instruments of a foreign country. Also, transactions involving purchase and/or sale of currencies.  
Foreign Trade Zone
Free Trade Zone
Fork Lift Pockets
Fork Pockets
Fork Lift Truck
Three- or four-wheeled mechanical truck with forks at the front designed for lifting, carrying and stacking cargo.  
Fork Pockets
Openings or recesses in a side of a container for the entry of the forks of a fork lift truck. Fork Lift Pockets
Forty-foot Equivalent Unit
Abbreviation: FEU. Unit of measurement equivalent to one forty-feet shipping container.  
At, near or towards the bow or front of a vessel or an aircraft.  
Party arranging the carriage of goods including connected services and/or associated formalities on behalf of the cargo principal according to their shipping instructions. Freight Forwarder
Forwarding Instructions
Shipping Instructions
Free on Truck
Foul Bill of Lading
Receipt for goods issued by a carrier with an indication that the goods were damaged when received. Clean Bill of LadingLetter of Indemnity
Four-way Pallet
Pallet of which the frame permits the entry of forks of e.g. a fork lift truck, on all four sides.  
Easily breakable. Term denoting that goods should be handled with care.  
Franc Poincaré
Unit of value in which the limitation of the carrier's liability is sometimes expressed. One franc poincaré consists of 65.5 milligrams of gold with a fineness of nine hundred thousands.  
Amount which, in case of damage, will have to be borne by the insured.  

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