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Feeder Vessel
Vessel used for local or coastal transport to and from ports not scheduled by the main (ocean) vessel.  
Appliance made of rubber, timber and/or rope or other materials normally attached to a dock or quay used to prevent damage to the hull of a vessel especially during mooring and un-mooring operations.  
Forty-foot Equivalent Unit
First in/First out
Free in Liner out
Free in and out
First Carrier
Carrier that actually performs the first part of the air transport (air cargo).  
First in/First out
Abbreviation: FIFO. Method whereby the goods which have been longest in stock (first in) are used, delivered (sold) and/or consumed first (first out).  
Five Freedoms (Air)
Collective term which depicts the five areas of "rights" for the air transportation of passengers or cargo, viz. (expressed in terms of an airline of country A): Freedom 1: The right to fly over a foreign country. Freedom 2: The right to make a technical stop at a country C en route from country A to B. Freedom 3: The right to set down (off loading) passengers or cargo in a country B from home country A. Freedom 4: The right to pick up (loading) passengers/cargo from a country B to home country A. Freedom 5: The right to carry passengers or cargo between two foreign countries. Eight Freedoms (Air)
Indication of the country in which a means of transport is registered through a reference to the ensign of this country.  
Capable of being set on fire under given circumstances (Amendment 25 IMO DGS). Flash Point
Flash Point
Lowest temperature at which a good produces enough vapor to form a flammable mixture with air. Flammable
Flat-Rack ContainerFlat-Bed Trailer
Flat Pack
Garments packed in cardboard boxes.  
Flat-Bed Trailer
Wheeled trailer or a semi-trailer with a flat cargo carrying surface or deck and without any superstructure.  
Flat-Rack Container
Container with two end walls, open sides and no roof. FLAT
Any group of means of transport acting together or under one control.  
Flight Number
Combination of two letters, indicating the airline, and digits indicating the number of the voyage. Line Number
Floating Crane
Crane mounted on a barge or pontoon, which can be towed or is self propelled.  
Floating Dock
Floating structure which can be partially submerged to enable vessels to enter and to leave and which can be raised for use as a dry dock.  
Floating Policy
Open Insurance Policy
Floating Stock
Pipeline Inventory
Flow Chart
Diagram, using symbols and depicting the sequence of events that should take place in a complex set of tasks.  
Flow Control
Term often used to describe a specific production control system.  
Flow Line
Direction of flow in which, e.g., pallets have been positioned and stowed.  

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