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House-to House Transport
Transport of cargo from the premises of the shipper to the premises of the consignee. Note: In the United States the term "Point-to-Point Transport" is used instead of the term "Door-to-Door Transport", because the term "house" may mean "customs house" or "brokers house", which are usually located in the port. Door-to-Door TransportPoint-to-Point TransportAir Waybill
Harmonized System
Central transshipment point in a transport structure, serving a number of consignees and/or shippers by means of spokes.  
Huckepack Carriage
Outer shell of a vessel, made of steel plates or other suitable material to keep water outside the vessel. Seaworthiness
Taking care of a vessel's non-cargo-related operations as instructed by the master or owner of such vessel.  

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