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International Chamber of Shipping
Abbreviation: ICS. Voluntary organization of national shipowners' associations with the objective of promoting the interests of its members, primarily in the technical and legal fields of shipping operations.  
International Civil Aviation Organization
Abbreviation: ICAO. International organization of governments, dealing with search and rescue in distress, weather information, telecommunications and navigational requirements.  
International Labor Organization
Abbreviation: ILO. United Nations agency, dealing with employment rights and working conditions, covering work at sea and in ports.  
International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
Abbreviation: IMDG Code. Code, representing the classification of dangerous goods as defined by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in compliance with international legal requirements.  
International Maritime Organization
Abbreviation: IMO. United Nations agency concerned with safety at sea. Its work includes codes and rules relating to tonnage measurement of vessels, load lines, pollution and the carriage of dangerous goods. Its previous name was the Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization (IMCO).  
International Medical Guide for Ships
Abbreviation: IMGS. 2The doctor at sea."  
International Organization for Standardization
Abbreviation: ISO. International Standards Organization also referred to as the International Organization for Standardization. This is a worldwide federation of national standards member bodies. It consists of technical committees made up of governmental and non-governmental international organizations. Draft international standards adopted by the technical committees are circulated to member bodies for voting. Adoption of standards requires approval of at least 75% of member bodies that cast a vote.  
International Safety Management Code
This international standard for the safe management and operation of ships prescribes rules for the organization of a shipping company management in the context of safety and pollution prevention and requires the development and implementation of a safety management system.  
International Transport and Information System
Abbreviation: INTIS. Organization with the aim to improve the position of the port of Rotterdam by the development, realization and exploitation of a communication and information network through computers.  
International Transport and Information System
Panalpina's invoice tracking system.  
A detailed list of goods located in a certain place or belonging to a specified object. Synonym: Stock List Stock List
Irrevocable Letter of Credit
Letter of Credit with a fixed expiry date that carries the irrevocable obligation of the issuing bank to pay the exporter when all of the terms and conditions of the Letter of Credit have been met.  
International Organization for Standardization
Issuing Carrier
Carrier whose Air Waybill is issued.  
Separate article or unit.  
Route of a means of transport, indicated by the names of the ports of call or other locations, often including estimated arrival and departure dates.  

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