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Marine Gas Oil. Fuel used for operating the vessel.  
Minimum Charge
Lowest amount which applies to the transport of a consignment, irrespective of weight or volume (air cargo, shipping).  
Minimum Connection Time
Shortest amount of time needed to move transshipments successfully from an arriving flight to the next departing flight.  
Minimum Inventory
Planned minimum allowable inventory for an independent demand item.  
Mixed Consignment
Consignment of different commodities, articles or goods, packed or tied together or contained in separate packages.  
Mode of Transport
Method of transport used for the conveyance of goods (e.g. by rail, by road, by sea).  
Most Favored Nation Status
Abbreviation: MFN. Provision of certain international agreements, including the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which affords countries the right to have their goods treated no less favorably than the goods of any other country. For example, the GATT MFN clause gives each member the right to have customs duties levied upon its products at the lowest rate offered to any other member nation.  
MPC Multi Purpose Carrier
Multi-Purpose Vessel
Multimodal Transport Operator/Carrier
Multi-Purpose Carrier
Multi-Purpose Vessel
Multi-Purpose Vessel
Vessel designed for the carriage of different types of cargo: general, bulk, heavy and/or containerized cargo. Multi-Purpose Carrier
Multimodal Transport
Carriage of goods (containers) by at least two different modes of transport.  
Multimodal Transport Document
Combined Transport Document
Multimodal Transport Operator/Carrier
Abbreviation: MTO/Carrier. Entity on whose behalf the transport document or any document evidencing a contract of multimodal carriage of goods is issued and which is responsible for the carriage of goods pursuant to the contract of carriage.  
Multiple Sourcing
Selecting of and working with more than two equivalent suppliers for a certain product.  

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