Da die Begriffe in den Glossars im internationalen Geschäft Anwendung finden, bieten wir Ihnen diese Informationen auch auf unserer deutschsprachigen Seite in englischer Sprache.

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J. and W.O.
Jettison and Washing Overboard.  
Throwing the cargo or ship's property overboard to save other property from a common danger. General Average
Mole or breakwater, running out into the sea to protect harbor or coast. It is sometimes used as a landing-pier.  
Joint Charge
Charge which applies to the carriage over the lines of two or more carriers and which is published as a single amount (air cargo).  
Joint Rate
Rate which applies for carriage over the lines of two or more carriers and which is published as single amount (air cargo).  
Joint Venture
Business undertaking in which more than one firm share ownership and control of production and/or marketing.  
The power that a court of law or an official person has to carry out legal judgements or enforce law.  
Juridical decisions used for explanation and meaning of law.  
Abbreviation: JIT. 1. The movement of material/goods to the required place at the required time. Each operation is closely synchronized with the subsequent ones to make this possible. 2. A method of inventory control that brings stock into the production process, warehouse or to the customer just-in-time to be used, thus reducing stockpiling.  

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