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Act of placing goods in slings which are left in position and are used for loading into and discharging from a conventional vessel.  
Pre-Trip Inspection
Abbreviation: PTI. Technical inspection of Reefer containers prior to positioning for stuffing.  
Prepaid Charge
Charges entered on the Air Waybill for payment in advance by the shipper (air cargo).  
Prepaid Freight
Freight paid by the shipper to the carrier when merchandise is accepted for shipment. Not refundable even if the merchandise does not arrive at the intended destination.  
Price Quotation/Pro Forma Invoice
Invoice prepared by the seller in advance of shipment that documents the cost of goods sold, freight, insurance and other related charges. It is often used by the buyer to secure a Letter of Credit, an import licence or a foreign currency allocation.  
Person or entity for whom another acts as agent.  
Principal Carrier
Responsible Carrier
Priority Order
Order which is identified as taking precedence over other orders to ensure its completion in the minimum time. Synonym: Urgent Order, Rush Order  
Pro-Forma Invoice
Draft invoice sent to an importer by the exporter prior to order confirmation and shipment to assist in matters relating to obtaining import licenses or foreign exchange allocations, or to advise the value of a consignment so that Letters of Credit can be opened.  
Activities which ensure the availability of the material and/or services in the desired quantity, quality, place and time from the supplier.  
Procurement Logistics
Control of the flow of materials up to the manufacturing process.  
Relative measure of output of labor hour or machine hour.  
Profit Center
Organizational unit which is held accountable for its own profits and losses.  
Project Cargo
Goods connected to the same project and often carried at different times and from various places.  
Proof of Delivery
Receipt signed by the consignee upon delivery.  
Proportional Rate
Rate which is used in combination with other rates to establish a through rate.  
Portion of a joint rate or charge obtained by proration.  
Division of a joint rate or charge between the carriers concerned on an agreed basis. ProrateRate Proration
Protection and Indemnity Club
Abbreviation: P&I Club. Mutual association of shipowners which provides protection against liabilities by means of contributions.  
Sworn statement made by a ship's captain following an accident.  
Statement drawn up to attest certain events.  
Proximate Cause
Most direct cause of loss, that is, the most effective, but not necessarily the last, in a series of events.  
Pre-Shipment Inspection
Pre-Trip Inspection  
Public Authorities
Agencies or officials in a country responsible for the application and enforcement of the laws and regulations of that state.  

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