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Process of transporting (conveying) cargo, from one point to another. Synonym: Transport  
Carriage and Insurance Paid to (... Named Place of Destination)
Abbreviation: CIP. Incoterm Incoterms
Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
Abbreviation: C.O.G.S.A. 1936 U.S. Statute that governs the acts that a carrier is responsible for and defines the terms used in shipping. The act provides that the shipowner's liability will be limited to $500 per shipping package, and it stipulates a one-year time limit for filing suit against the carrier. This act automatically applies to international ocean movements but not to domestic ocean transits unless the carrier agrees to be bound by it.  
Carriage Paid to (... Named Place of Destination)
Abbreviation: CPT. Incoterm Incoterms
Company that carries the cargo, e.g. shipping line, airline, trucking company, etc.  
Carrier Haulage
Inland transport service performed by the sea-carrier under the terms and conditions of the relevant transport document. Merchant Inspired Carrier Haulage
Carriers' Lien
Right to retain the property as security for the payment of services, material, or money expended on that property. E.g.: When the shipper ships goods "collect", the carrier has a possessory claim on these goods, which means that the carrier can retain possession of the goods as security for the charges due.  
Carrying Temperature
Required cargo temperature during transport and storage. Setting/Air Delivery Temperature
Cash Against Documents
Abbreviation: CAD. Payment condition which implies transfer of title at time of payment.  
Cash in Advance
Abbreviation: CIA. Payment condition which implies up-front payment before transfer of title of goods.  
Cash on Delivery
Abbreviation: COD. Payment condition which implies payment of goods at the time of physical transfer.  
Cash with Order
Abbreviation: CWO. Payment condition which implies payment when order is placed.  
Cargo Accounts Settlement SystemPart-ParticipantSettlement Office
CASS Airline
Airline, fully participating in the CASS.  
Closed Circuit Television.  
Location on board of a container vessel where one container can be stowed.  
Cell Position
Location of a cell on board of a container vessel identified by a code for, respectively, the bay, the row and the tier, indicating the exact position of a container on that vessel. Bay
Steel bars and rails used to steer containers during loading and discharging whilst sliding in the ship. Fully Cellular Containership
Cellular Vessel
Vessel, specially designed and equipped for the carriage of containers.  
Council of European and Japanese National Shipowners' Associations
Center of Gravity
Point at which the entire weight of a body may be considered as concentrated so that if supported at this point the body would remain in equilibrium in any position. Meta-Centric Height
Document by which a fact is formally or officially attested and in which special requirements and conditions can be stated.  
Certificate of Analysis
Document, often required by an importer or government authorities, attesting to the quality or purity of commodities.  
Certificate of Classification
Certificate, issued by the classification society, stating the class under which a vessel or an aircraft is registered.  

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