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Spot Exchange
Purchase or sale of foreign exchange for immediate delivery.  
1. Device used for lifting containers, and unitized cargo. 2. Beam or frame that holds the slings vertical when hoisting a load, to prevent damage to cargo. Container BolsterContainer Platform
Capacity of a vessel to return to its original position after having been displaced by external forces. The stability of a vessel depends on the meta-centric height.  
Identifiable amount of containers stowed in a orderly way in one specified place on an terminal, container freight station, container yard or depot. Container Stack
To pile boxes, bags, containers, etc. on top of each other.  
Total weight of the containers and cargo in a certain row.  
Standard Industrial Classification
Abbreviation: SIC. Method, used in the United States, to categorize companies into different industrial groupings.  
Standard International Trade Classification
Abbreviation: SITC. Standard numerical code system developed by the United Nations to classify commodities used in international trade.  
Right side of a vessel when facing towards the front or forward end.  
State of Origin
State in the country in which the cargo was first loaded on board of an aircraft (air cargo).  
State of the Operator
State in which the operator has its principal place of business or, if it has no such place of business, its permanent residence (air cargo).  
Steamship Agency
Agency representing a steamship company that does not have an office in the particular port. Performs services to maintain operations on behalf of vessel owners.  
Steamship Conference
Group of steamship operators that operate under mutually agreed-upon freight rates and other conditions.  
Steering of Containers
Function, with the aid of specific software, for tracking and forecasting (IRMA, MINKA), to direct empty containers to areas of demand at minimum cost.  
Foremost part of a vessel.  
Aftermost part of a vessel.  
Company which executes the loading, stowing and discharging of vessels.  
Materials in a supply chain or in a segment of a supply chain, expressed in quantities, locations and/or values. Synonym: Inventory when used as a generic term, common in the USA and extensive in the UK  
Stock Control
Systematic administration of stock quantity levels.  
Stock Keeping Unit
Description of the unit of measurement by which the stock items are recorded on the stock record.  
Stock List
Stock Locator System
System in which all places within a warehouse are named or numbered.  
Stock Point
Point in the supply chain meant to keep materials available.  
Stock Record
Record of the quantity of stock of a single item, often containing a history of recent transactions and information for controlling the replenishment of stock.  
Placing goods into a warehouse.  

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