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Waterproof material, e.g. canvas, to spread over cargo to protect it from weather. Open-Sided Container
Terms of Delivery
The conditions agreed upon between trading partners regarding the delivery of goods and the related services. Note: Under normal circumstances the Incoterms are used to prevent any misunderstandings. Incoterms
Terms of Freight
All the conditions agreed upon between a carrier and a merchant about the type of freight and charges due to the carrier and whether these are prepaid or are to be collected. Note: The so-called Combi terms based on the Incoterms distinguish what the seller pays in terms of the freight and related costs and what the buyer pays. In the UN recommendation 23, a coding system is recommended to recognize the various items.  
Terms of Sale
Invoice is the sales contract between buyer and seller and indicates the Terms of Sale.  
Thermal Container
Container built with insulating walls, doors, floor and roof by which heat exchange with the environment is minimized thus limiting temperature variations of the cargo.  
Third Party Logistics
Supply of logistics-related operations between traders by an independent organization.  
Through Bill of Lading
Bill of Lading that provides transshipment. Air WaybillConsignment NoteOcean Bill of Lading
Through Charge
Total rate from point of departure to point of destination. It may be a joint rate or a combination of rates (air cargo). Through Rate
Through Pallet
A pallet that goes straight through from origin to destination without being broken up (depalletized) during the voyage.  
Through Rate
Through Rate
Through Route
Total route from point of departure to point of destination.  
Time Charter
Contract whereby a vessel is let to a charterer for a stipulated period of time or voyage, for a remuneration known as hire (generally a monthly rate per ton deadweight or a daily rate). The charterer is free to employ the vessel as they think fit within the terms as agreed, but the shipowner continues to manage their own vessel through the master and crew who remain the shipowner's employees.  
Time Draft (Bill of Exchange)
Draft that matures either a certain number of days after acceptance or a certain number of days after the date of the draft. Date Draft (Bill of Exchange)Sight Draft (Bill of Exchange)
Time Sheet
Statement, drawn-up by the ship's agent at the loading and discharging ports, which details the time worked in loading and discharging the cargo together with the amount of lay-time used.  
Abbreviation for Transport International des Mar-chandises par la Route. Transport International by Road
Abbreviation for Trailer on Flat Car.  
1. Unit of weight measurement: 1000 kilograms (metric ton) or 2240 lbs (long ton). 2. Unit of cubic measurement, mainly used to express the cubic capacity of a vessel. 3. Unit of weight or measurement used as a basis for the calculation of freights (freight ton).  
Gross Tonnage - total internal carrying capacity of a vessel expressed in measurement tons (one measurement ton = 100 cu. ft.).  
Action of retrieving information concerning the whereabouts of cargo, cargo items, consignments or equipment.  
Function of maintaining status information, including current location, of cargo, cargo items, consignments or containers either full or empty.  
Power to grip or hold on to a surface while moving without slipping.  
Powered vehicle designed and used for towing other vehicles.  
Number of passengers, quantity of cargo, etc. carried over a certain route.  
Vehicle without motored power, designed for the carriage of cargo and to be towed by a motor vehicle.  

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