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Overheight Cargo
Cargo exceeding the standard height.  
Overlength Cargo
Cargo exceeding the standard length.  
Unit used by a single shipper to contain one or more package(s) and to form one handling unit for convenience of handling and stowage. Dangerous goods packages contained in the overpack must be properly packed, marked, labeled and in proper condition as required by the regulations regarding dangerous goods (air cargo).  
Work beyond normal established working hours.  
Overwidth Cargo
Cargo exceeding the standard width.  
Legal owner of cargo, equipment or means of transport.  
Owner's Container Code
Container Prefix
P&I Club
Protection and Indemnity Club
Particular Average.  
Policy Proof of Interest (honor policy).  
1. Any physical piece of cargo in relation to transport consisting of the contents and its packing for the purpose of ease of handling by manual or mechanical means. 2. The final product of the packing operation consisting of the packing and its contents to facilitate manual or mechanical handling.  
Materials used for the containment, protection, handling, delivery and presentation of goods and the activities of placing and securing goods in those materials.  
Any container or other covering in which goods are packed.  
Packing Instruction
Document issued within an enterprise giving instructions on how goods are to be packed.  
Packing List
Document specifying the contents of each individual package. Container Manifest
Packing Unit
Type of package where a standard quantity of products of a specific product type can be packed and that requires no additional packaging for storage and shipment.  
Low portable platform, usually wooden, on which cargo is stacked for storage or transportation; a skid.  
Pallet Convertor
Superstructure which can be applied to a pallet to convert it into either a box or post pallet.  
Pallet Rack
Skeleton framework, of fixed or adjustable design, to support a number of individual pallet loads.  
Pallet Truck
Pedestrian- or rider-controlled non-stacking lift truck fitted with forks.  
Panamax Size
Maximum measurements and dimensions of a vessel capable of passing the Panama Canal.  
Neither a CASS Airline nor a billing participant, which advises the Settlement Office of amounts due to it from agents (air cargo). CASS Airline
Participating Carrier
1. A carrier participating in a tariff and which therefore applies the rates, charges, routing and regulations of the tariff (air cargo). 2. A carrier over whose air routes one or more sections of carriage under the Air Waybill is undertaken or performed (air cargo).  
Particular Average
Abbreviation: P.A. 1. Partial loss or damage to the goods. 2. Fortuitous partial loss to the subject matter insured, proximately caused by an insured peril but which is not a general average. Particular average only relates to damage, loss and/or expenses which are exclusively borne by the owners of a vessel which has sustained damage as a result of e.g. heavy weather or by the owners of the cargo, which has been damaged in transit. AverageGeneral AverageFree of Particular Average, English ConditionsFree of Particular Average, American Conditions

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