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Clearence Terminal
Terminal where customs facilities for the clearance of goods are available.  
Clip on Unit
Abbreviation: COU. Detachable aggregate for a temperature controlled container (Conair).  
Closed Ventilated Container
Container of a closed type, similar to a general-purpose container, but specially designed for carriage of cargo where ventilation, either natural or mechanical (forced), is necessary.  
Container Load Plan
Convention Relative au Contrat de Transport International de Marchandise par Route
Where two or more parties share the same risk. A co-insurer is not obliged to follow the decision of another co-insurer, except where they have given authority for the other party to act on their behalf. Each co-insurance is a separate contract with the insured.  
Combination of cargo from another shipper or carrier, having the same final destination as the cargo base load.  
Cash on Delivery
Empty space on board of a vessel between two bulkheads or two decks separating oil tanks from each other and/or the engine room or other compartments.  
Collapsible Container
Container which can be easily folded, disassembled and reassembled.  
Collect Freight
Freight which is payable to the carrier when the merchandise arrives at the port of discharge named in the Bill of Lading.  
Collecting Bank
Bank to which a remitting bank sends draft for collection. Advice of Fate
Collection Papers
All documents (Commercial invoices, Bills of Lading, etc.) submitted to a buyer for the purpose of receiving payment for a shipment.  
Physical impact between two or more vehicles. In collision liability insurance, the term does not include contact of the insured vessel with anything other than a ship or vessel. → Perils of the Sea Perils of the Sea
Combi Aircraft
Aircraft, carrying passengers and cargo upper deck.  
Combination Chassis
Chassis which can carry either one 40-foot or two 20-foot containers.  
Combination Joint Rate
Joint rate which is obtained by combining two or more published rates (air cargo).  
Combined Transport
Intermodal transport where the major part of the journey is by one mode and any initial and/or final leg carried out by another mode. Combined Transport DocumentMultimodal Transport
Combined Transport Document
Abbreviation: CTD. Negotiable or non-negotiable document evidencing a contract for the performance of combined transport of goods. Multimodal Transport Document
Combined Transport Operator
Abbreviation: CTO. Party that undertakes to carry goods with different modes of transport. Multimodal Transport Operator/Carrier
Commercial Invoice
Document issued by the seller to the buyer, which gives detail of merchandise sold, number of units being shipped, per unit cost and the terms of sale. Declaration of Origin
Commercial Set
Set of four "negotiable" documents that represents and takes the place of the goods themselves in the financing of the cargo sales transaction.  
Indication of the type of goods. Commodities are coded according to the harmonized system. Harmonized System
Commodity Box Rate
Rate classified by commodity and quoted per container. Harmonized System
Commodity Code
Code used in the Harmonized System for the classification of goods which are most commonly produced and traded.  

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