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Sale of goods or services that are paid for in whole or in part by the transfer of goods or services from a foreign country. Barter
Country Damage
Damage caused by dirt, mud, etc., to commodities before they are shipped.  
Country of Departure
Country from which a certain means of transport is scheduled to depart or has departed.  
Country of Dispatch
Country from which the goods are shipped. Country of Origin
Country of Origin
Country where the merchandise was grown, mined, or manufactured. In instances where the country of origin cannot be determined, transactions are credited to the country of dispatch. Country of Dispatch
Country of Provenance
Country of origin of goods or cargo being sent to the importing country.  
Cover Note
Non-negotiable document evidencing insurance which may or may not indicate the terms of cover.  
Incoterm for "Carriage Paid to (... named place of destination)". Incoterms
Machine designed for moving and lifting weight by means of a movable projecting arm or a horizontal beam which is able to travel over a certain distance.  
Credit Risk Insurance
Insurance designed to cover risks of nonpayment for delivered goods.  
Crew Member
Any person actually employed for duties on board during a voyage in the working or service of a ship and included in the crew list (IMO).  
1. Used in shipping for the services of a vessel between nations other than the nation in which the vessel is registered. 2. Term used in the freight forwarding industry for the transportation services between nations other than the nation in which the cargo's principle is domiciled (UNCTAD).  
Container Safety Convention
Combined Transport Document
Combined Transport Operator
Medium of exchange of value, defined by reference to the geographic location of the authorities responsible for it (ISO 4217). In general, the monetary unit is represented by a name or a symbol.  
Currency Adjustment Factor
Abbreviation: CAF. Adjustment applied by shipping lines or liner conferences on freight rates to offset losses or gains for carriers resulting from fluctuations in exchange rates of tariff currencies.  
Customer Pick Up
Cargo picked up by a customer at a warehouse.  
Customer Service Level
Performance measure of customer service. Note: Generally this is seen as the degree with which customer orders can be executed, in accordance with the terms which are generally accepted in the market.  
Customhouse Broker
Individual or firm licensed to enter and clear goods through customs.  
Authorities designated to collect duties levied by a country on imports and exports. The term also applies to the procedures involved in such collection.  
Customs Broker
Authorized agent specialized in customs clearance procedures on account of importers/exporters. Customs Clearance Agent
Customs Clearance Agent
Customs broker or other agent of the consignee designated to perform customs clearance services for the consignee. Customs Broker
Customs Entry Form
Form required by customs authorities for merchandise entering the country. It indicates the country of origin, description of merchandise and the amount of estimated duty to be paid before merchandise is released.  
Customs Invoice
Document required by customs in an importing country in which the seller states the price (e.g. selling price, price of identical goods), and specifies costs for freight, insurance and packing, etc., terms of delivery and payment. This is for the purpose of determining the customs value in the importing country of goods consigned to that country.  

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