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Freight Ton
Unit for calculating freight amount according to weight and/or cubic measurement. Synonyms: Revenue Ton, Bill of Lading Ton  
Freight Ton Kilometers
Index of average amount of freight carried per kilometer flown.  
Freight Tons Carried
Index of the weight of cargo flown on board the aircraft.  
Full Truck Load
Free Trade Zone
Full Container Load
Abbreviation: FCL. 1. A container stuffed or stripped under risk and for account of the shipper and/or the consignee. 2. A general reference for identifying container loads of cargo loaded and/or discharged at merchants' premises. Less than Container Load
Full Truck Load
Abbreviation: FTL. Indication for a truck transporting cargo directly from supplier to receiver. Less than Truck Load
Full Value Declared
Abbreviation: FVD. Notation on an Air Waybill which indicates that a specific value has been declared to the carrier for carriage of the merchandise.  
Fully Cellular Containership
Abbreviation: FCC. Vessel specially designed to carry containers, with cell-guides under deck and necessary fittings and equipment on deck.  
Full Value Declared

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