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Held covered at a premium to be arranged.  
Hague Protocol
Amendment of the Warsaw convention at The Hague, September 28, 1955 (air cargo). Warsaw Convention
Hague Rules
International convention for the unification of certain rules, relating to Bills of Lading (1924). These Rules include the description of responsibilities of ocean carriers. Hague-Visby Rules
Hague-Visby Rules
Set of rules, published in 1968, amending the Hague Rules.  
Half Height Container
Container, fitted with or without soft or hard cover, 4'3" in height (used for very dense cargo such as metals).  
Hamburg Rules
United Nations Convention on the carriage of goods by sea of 1978 adopted in 1992.  
Handling Instructions
Indication of how cargo is to be handled.  
Hard Currency
Term used to describe a currency whose value is sound and steady and is generally acceptable at face value internationally.  
Harmonized System
Abbreviation: HS. Numeric multipurpose system, developed by the Customs Cooperation Council, for the classification of goods. With its six digits it covers about 5000 descriptions of the products or groups of products most commonly produced and traded. It is designed for customs services, but can also be used for statistics, transport purposes, export, import and manufacturing. Brussels Tariff NomenclatureCommodity
Hatch Cover
Watertight means of closing the hatchway of a vessel. Hatchway
Opening in the deck of a vessel through which cargo is loaded into, or discharged from the hold and which is closed by means of a hatch cover.  
Overland carriage of cargo or containers between named locations/points. Cartage
Road carrier.  
Heated Container
Thermal container served by a heat-producing appliance.  
Heavy Lift
Cargo piece exceeding the capacity of normal loading equipment and requiring special equipment and rigging methods for handling.  
Heavy-Lift Vessel
Vessel specially designed and equipped for the carriage of heavy cargo.  
Held Covered
Abbreviation: H/C. Provisional acceptance of risk, subject to confirmation that cover is needed at a later date. Where applicable to an existing insurance, cover is conditional, in practice, on prompt advice to the underwriter as soon as the insured is aware of the circumstances to be held covered coming into effect, and a reasonable additional premium is payable if the risk held covered comes into effect. Direct Covered
Loading condition of a vessel in such a way that the center of the vessel is slightly raised (archwise in the center).  
Space below the deck of a vessel.  
Hold Harmless
Of, relating to, or being an agreement between parties in which one assumes the potential liability for injury that may arise from a situation and thus relieves the other of liability (e.g.: a hold harmless agreement/a hold harmless clause).  
Hold Space
Storage space within the bottom (i.e. belly) of an aircraft that can be used to carry cargo.  
Home Port
Port of registration of a vessel.  
Honor (a Draft)
To pay or accept a draft on presentation.  
House Address
Place of receipt or delivery (name and address) in case of carrier haulage.  
House Air Waybill
Air Waybill issued by a freight forwarder. Master Air Waybill

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